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Insist on independent innovation implementing brand internationalizationranteed
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On June 29, in view of the notice of down-regulated partial product export rebate, President Wang Liping stated that Guangbo would insist on independent innovation, actively cope with the export rebate adjustment, by the opportunity of listing.

In the premise of global economic integration, enterprises should convert from “supporting role” to “protagonist” in the overseas market. “Going out” is the inevitable choice for the enterprise to become bigger and stronger, and brand becomes the key factor. Therefore, regarding establishing global famous brand as the developing target, Guangbo plans to establish overseas processing branch by the cooperation way of merger and stock participation, realizing the change from brand cooperation type to brand independent type, enhancing the core competitive ability of the products. In later several years, company will solidify the position as the main stationery supplier, lifting the export proportion of self-owned brand from 20% to 50%.

Especially after the successful listing of Guangbo Stock in Shenzhen, the collected 0.3 billion yuan capital will be used in the implement of high-grade paper stationery, exquisite book printing and global marketing network construction project. By changing original equipment and importing international most advanced printing and binding equipment, it will lift the producing ability of traditional industry. It makes efforts to cut the number of employees by 10% annually, enhance the producing ability by 15%, and basically realize the production automation by 70%.

Guangbo will make full use of the existing role as stationery research and development center, continuously infuse environmental and scientific new concept in the designing of products, increase the adjustment of production structure, depend on the advantage of enterprise technology and synthesis necessary, gradually eliminate low gear products and develop high value added products. Through the cooperation with universities, optimize enterprise production and technological process, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the products. At present, the negative printing project of exquisite books is to be finished the debugging of the equipments at the end of this year. At that time, the annual producing ability can reach 20 million volumes, with 0.4 billion yuan newly added sales target. 

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