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Interview with middle-level managers: Impossible is nothing if you put your heart into it.ranteed
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“If you put your heart into it, impossible is nothing.” This is often said by Wang Yabo, factory director of Guangbo Group industry No.1 subsidiary. She often encourages herself and subordinate in this way.

Wang Yabo went into Yinxian color-printing packing factory in 1993, the precursor of Guangbo Group. At the very beginning, she was a worker at the production line. Due to her outstanding performance, she was successively appointed as workshop manager and factory director of sub plant. No matter which post it is, she always does her best and does her job well. Under her guidance, No.1 subsidiary has achieved good results in recent years, won the affirmation of colleagues and leaders.

At work, Wang Yabo fully reveals feminine carefulness and flexibility. Even if some complicated tasks, she makes things well done. However, in case of illegal production, she was impartial and punished severely.

On November 17, due to inadequate equipment, industry No.1 subsidiary lent some machines. To make things easier, team members removed safety bumper then operated. At that time, director Wang who was inspecting at the workshop noticed and stopped them immediately, gave severe punishment to the relevant responsible person.

She often says,” If there’re no safe equipments, how can we guarantee employees’ safety?”

To enhance shift leaders’ and employees’ quality sense, she often holds quality problems analysis meeting. Discuss the deep reason that causes the problems, discuss the measures and programs with employees to prevent defective products flowing to the next procedure, let the existed problems be effectively solved.

For those newly-ordered products, in process of production, she constantly trains employees’ operational skills, and guides the employees by her own practice, tries to enhance productivity. To strengthen employees’ sense of responsibility, she carries out the responsibility system from team leaders to workers, gives awards to the team which has no quality accident and security incident each month. 

Once, the order was 270000 sets, and the product structure was unicoil. People familiar with the products all know that it takes some efforts to improve the output of this procedure. What’s more, the products were in urgent need. Director Wang took part in practice by herself and guided the employees to start from operation technique. It took two days to double each person’s output each day. Seeing such results, she smiled happily.

It’s said that industry No.1 subsidiary produces auxiliary materials for a costume enterprise. To save materials, she gave suggestions after consideration. Through the reform of steel knife and mould, let material and efficiency be higher than before. After primary analysis, materials were saved about 15%.

For many years, with her passion and loyalty to the cause, Wang Yabo has made encouraging results on the ordinary post and set a great example for middle-level managers.


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