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Yangcheng Evening News: Guangbo environmental-friendly stationery has sold well in overseasranteed <
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Yangcheng Evening News Newspaper Groups' "private economy" pointed out a few days ago, the environmental-friendly stationery produced by Zhejiang Guangbo Group has sold well in overseas.

Stone can be made into paper gift bags? Reed can also be turned into notebook? Recently, SV company in Sweden which has 27 stationery chain stores in Northern Europe has been attracted by its fame, showed great interest in the fine environmental-friendly stationery produced by Zhejiang Guangbo Group, and placed an order for 50000 dollars on the spot.

In Guangbo, reed, cotton, bagasse even stone all can be made into delicate books, albums and notebooks. This year, the export growth of Guangbo's environmental-friendly stationery is over 20% compare with common products.

Affected by financial crisis, traditional stationery shrunk from the market, urgently needed to find a new marine outfall. At present, developed countries like Europe, America and Japan all pay special attention to environmental protection. Eco-friendly concept used in stationery industry would become the enterprise’s new growth point.

Besides, environmental-friendly stationery sold at high price with low cost. Bagasse, stone and reed can be found everywhere. The cost of environmental-friendly stationery using these raw materials is about 5% lower than that of traditional wood paper, while its market price is 5% to 15% higher than ordinary products. According to estimates, using environmental-friendly paper can save wood of 48000 cubic meters in a year for Guangbo Group, equal to 160000 adult trees are less chopped down in a year.

Raw materials are totally different and environmental-friendly stationery has its characteristics. Crumpled reed deckle-edged paper has the natural yellow hues and thick lines, full of charm. Stone paper is hard to tear. Made into beautiful paper bags, they are heavy being held in hand. It well meets young people’s demand of fashion and individuality. Stone stationery, cotton stationery are in demand and favored by a lot of large-scale stationery purchasers.


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