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It’s predicted that European stationery products’ export situation will be better by the middle of next year.
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Global economic recovery has not yet been obvious. However, some large-scale oversea purchasers have planned to grasp the opportunity of recovery in consumption. “It’s predicted that European consumer market will be better by the middle of next year. We plan to increase 20% of the purchase quantity.” told by WillemvanWaltMeijer, the new CEO of MidOceanBrands company, when interviewed by Guangdong media reporter a few days ago.

Willem mentioned that at present, European economy hasn’t yet been recovered. The real economy like automobile industry and building industry has still been in a depressed state. Unemployment has been rising. Many uncertainties exist in the market next year. Lots of medium-small gifts purchasers are still in wait-and-see and not eager to place orders. However, the enterprise has been ready for next year’s improving consumption.

In his view, made-in-China has a competitive advantage. Many labor-intensive products have approached the European level in the aspect of quality. However, in the aspect of price, it’s lower than European manufacturers. Besides, it’s more flexible for new products’ production capability. While South-East Asian countries like Vietnam and Myanmar although are cheaper than made-in-China in cost, they’re worse than China in the aspect of supply speed and quality.

Insiders also mentioned that stationery products’ export situation is improving. Enterprise order is reactive. It’s predicted that export will rebound quickly in the fourth quarter. The export of the whole year is expected to rise from 96 million dollars to 0.15 billion dollars in the first three quarters.


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