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Expert raised action form stationery industry to cope with “European Union barriers”ranteed
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Aim at the biggest technical obstacle REACH regulations since China joining the World Trade Organization, Ningbo stationery enterprise should how to cope with? A few days ago, Ningbo stationery industry association invited expert to solve problem and dispel suspicion for the enterprise.

Ningbo is the capital of China stationery, having about 2000 stationery enterprises, accounting for 1/5 of the country's total output. According to REACH regulations, pen manufacturing raw materials like sodium sulfate will release in normal circumstances, and give potential harm to human health and environment. Imported products having this kind of materials when reach a certain quorum need to register according to the regulation. Applying for registration is equal to informing. If the opposite side thinks that the content of certain materials is within allowable scope, then register successfully. In other words, receive the pass of European market. Therefore, whether registration is successful or not is the key of export commodities entering European market.    

“Getting the pass as early as possible, enterprise can seize European market soon in a new round of competition.” said by Li Cong, director of REACH working group of National Bureau of Quality Inspection. At present, more than 30 stationery enterprises in Ningbo have finished pre-registration. Besides, stationery enterprises should also pay attention to newly-added contents of the regulation, learn about the restriction of specified substance. Formulate and implement corresponding plan according to itself condition, reduce export cost and loss if possible.

                                                  (From China Ningbo Net)


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