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Guangbo was awarded “file management model enterprise”ranteed
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Recently, Guangbo Group was awarded “enterprise culture file management model enterprise”.

Reportedly, in February, 2006, Guangbo Group set up comprehensive archives based on the original foundation of file management, realized the unified management of archives work, worked out relevant rules and systems including comprehensive archives responsibilities, archives storehouse management system, various types of documents and materials filing and archiving system, and carried out system plate making on wall according to requirement.  

With three years’ constantly effort, Guangbo Group archives storehouse area has reached 150 square meters. The storehouse has met the requirements of fireproof, theft-proof, moisture-proof, dustproof, against microbes and light proof. On the original foundation of 100 file cabinets, compact shelving with 105 cubic meters was newly added, which greatly increased the storage area of files. With the promotion of files automated work, modern equipments like computer, files Taiyu software, printer, copier and scanner were also equipped, realized the modern management of files.

To establish culture Guangbo, Guangbo Archives especially had special enterprise culture file management, systematically classified internal magazine, cultural activities, training and social donation, greatly enhanced utilization of files. Related person in charge showed, in future, Guangbo will continue to follow the standard specification of archives bureau’s file management, learn from the advanced units, raise enterprise file management work to a higher level step by step.


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