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Bayi Guangbo women''s basketball conveyed their sympathy to the old in the old people''s homeranteed
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On the morning of March 7, Sui Feifei, head coach of Bayi Guangbo women's basketball, led Bayi women's basketball playe ers to the old people's home in Shiqi street

Early in the morning, players of Bayi Guangbo women's basketball came to Shiqi old people's home. Although the old people are today's leading characters, these tall players immediately became the focus when they got off the car. Workers of the old people's home asked for their signatures from time to time, or took a group photo with the players.

Later, players each carried two cartons of milk, sent each one to the hands of the old carefully, and wished them healthy. Seeing these well-behaved women basketball players, the old smiled from ear to ear, full of warm atmosphere. At last, women basketball players presented New Year's gift to the old, that was, 32-inch LCD television.

Sui Feifei showed, conveying sympathy in the old people's home was the good interpretation of cherishing the young, the traditional virtue, also was a better education for all players.


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