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Guangbo Group''s 2009: go with considering forceranteed pay
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On June 11, 2009, CCTV news broadcasting a piece of new: Guangbo Group's environment-friendly stationery which is made of stone paper has become new favorites of China stationery occupying European and American markets in crisis era.

In the crisis, law of market "confidence is more valuable than the gold". This is without doubt a model of light industry. It has brought a power to the whole stationery industry. While this power is from Guangbo Group's proposing.

In Guangbo Group's President Wang Liping's eyes, excellent enterprise should be good at seeking development strategy in the changeable market economy. The crisis was a strike for Guangbo stationery which over 70% depends on exports. However, it also brought the opportunity to Guangbo for its new products with own brand and independent intellectual property right being cultivated for many years. On one hand, Guangbo seek commercial way of living in the big competition time. On the other hand, create a kind of unique and favourable opportunity proposition.

Who's good at proposing will win. For the ubiquitous change, innovation is an enterprise's  persistent driving force.

On June 16, in the lecture hall of Guangbo new office building. Wang Liping discussed private enterprise opportunity in the crisis with Long Yongtu and hundreds of Zhejiang businessmen by commercial science. He thought, in the course of development, enterprise should never place eyes on the gain and loss, but should concentrate on enterprise's long-term development goals. That is, through forging the enterprise's core competitive ability, reach the final goal.

In fact, with 18-year's developing history, Guangbo has been developing rapidly from constant changing industry innovation. Opportunities are always be prepared to those who are prepared. From the premier color printing packaging to light industry stationery, then to diverse development like new materials , electronic and financial investment, Guangbo used multiple changing elements like cooperation, transformation and restructuring, achieving Guangbo's development.

Seizing the right moment brings up “Los Angeles smile"

Los Angeles smile" is the new name for Steven, general manager of American Guangbo Company given by friends in 2009. When the cloud of sadness passed over American market, Guangbo confidence gave him “Los Angeles smile".

Hidden behind the smile is also from Guangbo Group's ability of seizing the right moment. In the eyes of many people, when the terrible financial crisis broke out, Wang Liping, being good at seeking situation, thought, this was the best opportunity for Guangbo. Regarding American markets, the company came up with a plan. Through positive seek, unite American famous stationery design marketing company K·GLby marriage. Through partnership, require its design team specifically tailor-made for Guangbo to develop new products suitable for foreign markets.

Capture the advantage of talent resources, by taking direct advantage of "brain trust" to let products adapt to local conditions. After seeing the samples, Staples, large stationery buyer, immediately placed an order for the new products "stone paper " books worthy 0.2 million dollars.

Steven's smile is the epitome of Guangbo confidence. Through establishing R&D center in Europe and America, Guangbo co-opt local people to open up international markets, take the road of sustainable environment-friendly industry development in the crisis, playing a pretty battle for itself. And had mutual supplement and help on technology, sales and design with the surrounding small and medium stationery enterprises, actively helped them get out of the difficulty, realized the win-win situation.

In the winter of facing crisis, Guangbo positively coped with, put forward over wintering  three theories in dealing with the crisis. That is, inspire confidence with winter sunshine theory, promote enterprise competitiveness with grassroots innovation theory, win the initiative with clenching fist attacking theory, let enterprise develop in spite of negative factors.

Wang Liping said, financial crisis must cause China even the world stationery industry face the opportunity of re-reshuffle. Only positively seize opportunity, be good at seeking change, be in the front of the market, with innovation, brand and culture as oars, can guide Chinese stationery industry sailing.

borrowing strength, develop independent brand

How to break out of made-in-China, highlight brand charm in the post-crisis era, which let many Chinese manufacturers expect and frustrate. Believe in the power of brands. This slogan also became 2009 CCTV's hot words.


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