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“Car Book City” drove into Guangbo ranteed payday loan<
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To enrich vast employees’ cultural life, let them enjoy more convenient library service, on May 17, Yinzhou District car book city drove into Guangbo, providing distinctive cultural feast for Guangbo employees.

At ten in the morning, an eye-catching “mobile library van” stopped at the gate of staff canteen. Occasionally, some employees got into the “mobile library van” to borrow their favorite books. That is a common bus from the outside, but well-equipped inside. Employees cluster around the bookshelves, carefully taste the brand-new books, overwhelmed with joy. Xiao Sun from printing sub plant, said, “Driving the car directly to the company, it really provides us with great convenience.” She said, there’re many young employees in the company, who need to enrich themselves. She wants to find some books on project management, and let herself become an all-around talent as soon as possible.


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