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Private enterprise and multinational company compete together and bring more opportunityranteed
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 “Li Na is a player free from China’s sports circle system. She all relies on herself, like finding sponsors, training and attending contests. Without spending a cent of the country, but achieve great success in international games. Similarly, many Zhejiang private enterprises are from grass-roots, but won one after another champion in international markets. They’re not inferior to French Open champion Li Na, which deserve our respect.

On June 5, CCTV famous financial host Ma Hongtao used a vivid metaphor to raise the curtain of Fourth China open forum enterprise summit.

This enterprise summit coincides with the 10th anniversary of China's accession to the world trade organization. Related experts from at home and abroad, and entrepreneurs from world famous multinational companies like Wal-Mart, Siemens, BP and Supor, Guangbo and Oulin these famous private enterprises in Zhejiang Province, conducted a face-to-face communication on issues around multinational company and China's economic development mode change, new opportunity for Chinese enterprise’s foreign investment.

From "crying wolf" to "dance with the wolf" then to “competing dance with the wolf”, Guangbo Group President Wang Liping reviewed and summarized the competition and cooperation between multinational company and Chinese private enterprises before and after joining the WTO as well as in future. He thought, more than three decades of reform and opening up, Chinese government runs a big school. Multinational companies are the overseas students, and we’re Chinese peasant students. We study together. After a decade, two decades study, some Chinese students graduated. These enterprises’ future goal is to defeat overseas students. What’s more, go abroad to learn more things, and participate in the global market segmentation. His incisive comments drew bursts of applause.

"Dance with the wolf, this stage is not only in domestic market, but in global market." Wang Liping said, now China indisputably becomes an important member of world economy. Private economy only undergoes a process of learning, fusion, competition and transformation with multinational company, thus allows itself to stand at the stage of global market bravely and firmly as well.

"This time, Li Na is a typical "going out" successful case. Hope Zhejiang especially Ningbo's private enterprises can grasp overseas market opportunities, create more classical stories like Li Na. Of course, like Li Na still needs to face Schiavone's fierce competition, enterprises also will meet many new challenges in the international market in future." At the end of the enterprise summit, Ma Hongtao has high expectations for private enterprises in our city.


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