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Guangbo held management training: “win in the middle”ranteed
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On November 8, Fang Yongfei, the first person of training in China, came to our company to give a lesson. With own experience, and combined with current economic situation, he created “win in the middle” theory, deeply discussed the importance of middle-level personnel’s executive ability in the long-term development of an enterprise.

Fang Yongfei advocated the following management theories. Firstly, to see other people’s bad, but to see the good in others. Old saying goes, take one’s length, everyone is useful, while take one’s shortcoming, everyone is useless. Secondly, three words in career life: endure, resolute and roll. Can be tolerant to employees’ errors, but can’t indulge. Have the heart of thanksgiving to your superior’s tolerance, while can’t indulge yourself because of your superior’s tolerance. Treat colleagues and the people around you, should have the heart of love and tolerance. Thirdly, in this crazy era, calm our heart. Life needs to be active, but the soul needs to be silent. Keep cool and you’ll win through. Fourthly, for the education, fealty goes first then literature. Should first learn to filial, learn to honor your father and mother, thanks to your teacher and thanks to your colleague. In a word, learn to be grateful. Fifthly, the highest state of personnel management, invite the sage to help you, you could be the king and get great success; treat those fellows with faith and wisdom as brothers, and get their help, you could become lord and also be successful; use those yes-men who cater to you, you will totally lose and on the way to perish. Let the right man to do the right thing.

Those who attended the training showed, Fang Yongfei’s some opinions and cases are worth discussing, but some universal truths worth to learn and be drawn lessons from.


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