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Ningbo deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor Liu Qi and his group visit Guangboran
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Due to the slowdown of developed country economy and emerging market s'increasing pressure, export-oriented enterprises face adverse factors like lack of orders, rising cost and increasing frictions, plus the risingcost of domestic factors and the fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate, make foreign trade enterprise operating pressure increase, encountering double pressure. On April 9, Ningbo deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor Liu Qi lead leaders of relevant departments to visit  first-line foreign trade enterprises, listen to the difficulty of the enterprises, look for experience to cope with, wish to establish models which can indicate the development direction for more foreign trade enterprises.

At the early morning, Mayor Liu Qi and his group visit Guangbo to inspect its foreign trade work. At the discussion, President Wang Liping shows, combined with own three strategies of "low cost", "differential competition" and "fast reaction", by establishing integrated and global research and development system, systematic and local process standard system effectively shortens the developing time of Guangbo products. By establishing integrated global distribution center, Guangbo strategic clients can directly place orders on the computer. By implementing the theory of economics binary sales, implementing the operation of self-owned brand and international brand, lay a solid foundation for the development of Guangbo foreign trade work and the promotion Guangbo brand global strategy.

Meanwhile, President Wang Liping shows, in face of the current competitive market environment, Guangbo always believe none enterprise can be an exception. Lifting enterprise core competition is the key of gaining new round of development. In future, Guangbo will set "sustainable development of the international brand, global allocation of market network system, excellent talents team at home and abroad, corporate culture of the fusion of Chinese and western" as the company's developing goal, and work hard toward this goal.

Mayor Liuqi shows,open economy has a great significance for Ningbo's development. Guangbo's successful experience worthes many foreign trade enterprises using for reference. Ningbo's foreign trade enterprises only by constantly promote transformation and upgrade, change extensive development, can make Ningbo products and Ningbo enterprises be more competitive. Finally, Mayor Liu Qi encourages foreign trade enterprise to keep up the good work, work hard to create a better tomorrow for Ningbo.


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