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Guangbo warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of its foundingranteed
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In this golden autumn of October, the fragrance of laurel blossoms was wafted through the fresh air. On the evening of October 27, the 20th anniversary of Guangbo Group's founding celebration reception was grandly held in Shangri-La Hotel. Relevant leaders of national light industry federation, guests at home and abroad, altogether about 600 people attended it. Leaders of Ningbo city, Quzhou city and Suqian city gave the speech or sent congratulatory messages to warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Guangbo. General manager Wang Junping delivered the welcome speech.

Guangbo Group was formerly a small factory producing door and window hardware. In 1992, it transformed and upgraded into a limited company with color printing packaging as its main business and international trade as its support. In 1997, it was renamed Guangbo and form enterprise group. For 20 years, Guangbo Group has based on brand, relied on culture and adhered to the innovation. From color printing packaging, developed into light industry stationery, new material electronic, international trade and financial investment. Nowadays, Guangbo has about 7000 employees, 3 foreign-Chinese joint ventures, 3 overseas companies and 3 high-tech enterprises, with its products covering over 100 countries and regions, with the annual worth of nearly hundred million yuan.

Ningbo city and Yinzhou district leaders pointed out in the speech, Guangbo's 20 years,  represents a part of Chinese manufacturing enterprises which are successfully breaking through, and also guides the future development of China's manufacturing. Like many grassroots enterprises starting from small workshops, they were at the bottom of value chain at the very beginning. However, they were not content to parasitic. Through independent creating brand, brand and culture output, finally successfully became the high-end brand with certain value in international stationery market, and stepped into hi-tech industry like nano, achieved its own value. Looking forward to the more birth of "Guangbo" in China, have more and more power in the process of globalization.

Quzhou party secretary Chen Xin sent a congratulatory message, for 20m years, in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, Guangbo Group dare to innovate, vigorously implement "strategy, innovation, culture" three strategies, has achieved great success, made important contributions to promote the local economy and realize the private economic boom, fully reflect Guangbo people's broad vision, broad mind, and show the spirit of Ningbo Bang in the new period. Sincerely hope that Guangbo Group take this as a new starting point, seize the opportunity, seek innovation, work hard to create the international first-class brand and lead the trend of world stationery. Meanwhile, also hope that Guangbo Group care about Quzhou's development, seek cooperation opportunities, hand in hand to create new performance and glory, wish Guangbo has a better tomorrow. Suqian municipal party committee municipal government's congratulatory letter pointed out, for 20 years, Guangbo people has written enterprise myths one after another, create the market miracles one after another, reveal the speed, boost the power, let us fill with respect. Guangbo invested 4 billion yuan building industrial park in Suqian. Not only become the new engine of Guangbo realizing industry reasonable layout and project expansion, but become the new power of Suqian industrial base economic transformation and upgrade. We expect Guangbo further speed up investment progress, strengthen the construction of the park, work hard to create Guangbo Suqian industrial park into a first-class characteristic park in Suqian as well as in Jiangsu. General manager Wang Junping pointed out when addressing, 20 years, over the long history, but a brief moment. Look back to Guangbo's 20 years' development, like a historical picture, recording Guangbo people's hardships. Starting from a small near-bankrupt factory, develop into a modern enterprise group integrated light industry stationery, electronic new materials, international trade and financial investment, combining industrial capital and financial capital. All this made thanks to everyone here and all circles of the society, who gave us care and support in the course of development. Thanks to whole Guangbo employees' solidarity and joint efforts. Therefore, I really want to sincerely say thank you.

Wang Junping emphasized, "stationery" clustering guests all over the world, "nano" attracting five continents elites. In the future, Guangbo will as always grasp the development chance, rely on industrial management, increases the research and development of traditional stationery and electronic new materials, gather talents, seek win-win development, adhere to innovation, forge ahead, continually challenge itself, return the society with new greater development.

That evening, famous singer Gao Shengmei gave excellent shows. Guangbo Group employees' songs pushed the party to a climax.

Besides, Guangbo Group middle managers, older workers, engineers and minority staff representatives, attended this reception.

On the afternoon of 27th, Guangbo also invited Fudan University professor Bing Mingjie,  original Paris securities Asia Pacific strategy research director Erwin Sanft to give speeches, together to discuss the dangerous and opportunity of Zhejiang manufacturing towards globalization.



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