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The company top leadership condoles with frontline employees in high temperature
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Since July, the temperature keeps rising in Ningbo. Recently, it has reached 38. The frontline employees still stick to their own post. Continuous high temperature touches upon the heart of the company leaders.

To timely deliver the company's care to the frontline staff, on the afternoon of July 29, during the 38 high temperature weather, general manager Wang Junping led top management team and safety production team members to the production site of the primary units, to visit the employees who are working at the frontline, sending them care and cool.

As in previous years, the company has prepared drinks and towels for supplies. In such an extremely hot day, general manager Wang Junping led everyone to visit warehouse, the factory, canteen and so on. Arriving at each unit, manager Wang always came to the front-line production site. Shook hands with the staff, checked their work environment, told them to take care of the body, and inspired their fighting spirit for high yield under high temperature. Besides, he asked the leaders whether the factory air conditions are all in orderly operation, the food is enough for employees and the medicine is enough. He showed that taking care of employees is to get things done for employees and serving employees is serving the enterprise. 

On the scene, the visiting group showed thanks to all frontline staff’s hard work. And hope that all staff can continue to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, hard working and grasping the nettle. Successfully complete various tasks on the basis of ensuring safety.


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