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The street leaders visit front line staff at high temperature
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On the afternoon of August 4, under 40 degrees high temperature, Zhu Lianghua,secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shiqi street, and his group came to Guangbo Group. Accompanied by president Wang Liping, they came to the workshop to visit front line workers and sent them summer supplies like drinks.

After listening to the report of the implementation of heat-prevention work, they learned about our company workers’ working condition and rest condition. Secretary Zhu expressed satisfaction with that our company actively implemented the employees high temperature allowance, and adopted different measures to prevent heat according to actual situation of each workshop. Especially by making wise use of the time in several branches, to avoid the high temperature period, smoothly complete production tasks on the premise of safety.

Group company’s top leaders like executive deputy general manager Dai Guoping and CEO Shu Yaoping accompanied.

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