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Guangbo held quality analysis conference
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To further improve the quality of the company's products and service quality system, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company in the market, on the afternoon of June 21, the company held a product analysis meeting on the first floor of the lecture hall. Production and domestic sales system more than 140 people attended the meeting. Group general manager Wang Junping, deputy manager Dai Guoping attended the meeting, and industrial company general manager Jiang Zhuguo hosted the meeting.

At the meeting, joint stock company and industrial company quality department staff made report on quality operation from January to May. Through practical cases and data forms, analyzed all kinds of problems existing in the production process.Put forward improvement measures and suggestions to increase sampling and quality standards guidance, strengthen the supervision of the production of various processes, speed up related personnel training process.

Later, Dai Guoping showed at the meeting, the whole company need to build up the quality management consciousness of everyone's attention and taking a collective grasp.  All staff control the quality, and each factory, department and workshop should grasp the details, strictly control the operation of each process, and earnestly do every step, and minimize the loss due to quality problems.

Finally, general manager Wang Junping summarized this meeting. He succinctly illustrated why we should pay attention to quality, how to pay close attention to quality, how to avoid product defects and so on. It also summarized and analyzed the misunderstandings existing in the process of quality management. He showed, We should set up correct concept, make high quality products, and should focus on strengthening the quality consciousness of all staff. Departments at all levels should pay attention to quality problems. Create "everyone pays attention to quality, everyone pursuit of quality" atmosphere in the whole company, to make the quality consciousness root in every position of the company. In the next production process, we must adhere to the quality and quantity go hand in hand.

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