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Ding Wenjiang and his group visit Guangbo
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On the afternoon of July 28, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor and doctoral supervisor of School of materials and science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Ding Wenjiang and his group visit Guangbo Group, accompanied by president Wang Liping.

Ding Wenjiang and his group first came to Guangbo new material company, detailed understanding of the new material technology research and development, preparation process. Ding Wenjiang gave heartfelt admiration and high praise for Guangbo’s exploration and development in the field of new materials. At the same time, he expressed great expectations of Guangbo. He hoped Guangbo will continue to make great efforts, continue to study intensively and try to create a new world in this field. Later, they visited the exhibition room, on the tenth floor of the Group. Ding Wenjiang repeatedly praised and applauded for all kinds of innovative products inside. He also asked in detail the making and production process of individual products.

At the ensuing forum, the two sides held an exchange of views. Wang Liping introduced Guangbo’s development in recent years. He emphasized, in the current wave of enterprise transformation and upgrading, Guangbo has always tried to explore in a new field, and have already achieved some success in the new materials, electricity providers, finance and other fields. Next, Guangbo will continue the new attempt. At the same time, we hope to have further exchanges and cooperation with more experts like Ding Wenjiang academicians. Ding Wenjiang showed, he was impressed by Guangbo’s diversified development. At the same time, he has also admired Guangbo’s persistence of manufacturing positions for years.

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