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Guangbo held lean second phase benchmarking branch production conference
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On the afternoon of October 18, the stock company held  lean second phase benchmarking branch production conference and the third phase of lean start up meeting in the lecture hall. Company general manager Wang Junping, deputy manager Dai Guoping, and Jiang Zhuguo, general manager of Industrial Company, attended the conference. Each branch, department head, basic management personnel and team leaders about 120 people attended this conference, which was hosted by Dai Guoping.

At the conference, representatives of lean implementation office, no.2 factory and no.3 factory, made a summary report on lean implementation of the second phase. They pointed out own progress and shortcomings. Subsequently, lean tutors made a summary and recommendations. The conference also commended the team that scored excellent results in the second lean project. Excellent book workshop, stationery one workshop and accessories workshop got lean improvement "good team award". Stencil comprehensive workshop received "outstanding team award". Later, the meeting started the third phase of lean production for industrial company and four branch factory. Meanwhile, it did the overall planning and deployment, and held the awarding and oath-taking ceremony.  

Finally, general manager Wang Junping made a summary of this conference. First of all, he affirmed the efforts of lean management. At the same time, the requirements are put forward from two dimensions. First, from the point of view of production, lean promotion should be planned forward. From the aspects of early meeting and the quality, carry out the overall implementation of lean management. From the aspect of labor productivity,  you can see the value of the results and the fruits of labor. Second, from the sales point of view, from guest identity, looking at the essence through phenomenon, lean implementation can effectively promote the promotion of market competitiveness. General manager Wang Junping showed, lean management is a persistent work. Management doesn't have a full stop, just commas. Special lean management is recessive and a chronic accumulation. Hope that lean management gradually converted from goods to human, creating more value for the company. At last, general Wang put forward requirements for management staff of lean three phase Industrial Company and four branch factory. Hope managers can set an example and have a good empty cup mentality, continue to improve and submit satisfactory answer paper.

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