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City Commissioner Ye Ping visit and guide in Guangbo
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On the afternoon of October 24, Ningbo city party secretary Ye Ping, the commissioner of customs, and Sun Liming, secretary of Haishu district party committee, came to Guangbo Group to visit and guide. Group president Wang Liping and general manager Wang Junping accompanied.  

Ye Ping, Sun Liming and others visited the exhibition hall on the first floor, having a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s development process and the current industrial extension. For Guangbo’s exploration and attempt in the new field, Ye Ping, Sun Liming and others praised again and again.

At a subsequent forum, Wang Liping introduced Guangbo’s development situation in recent years and the next step of planning. He showed, under the new situation, Guangbo actively respond to the call of the state, by adjusting the industrial structure, accelerated the process of transformation and upgrading.

On Guangbo’s efforts in transformation and upgrading, Sun Liming affirmed. She hoped Guangbo can continue to explore further. Test the water in more fields, strive for a road of development with Guangbo characteristics, and contribute more to the development of Haishu and Ningbo. Later, Ye Ping showed, Guangbo’s spirit of daring is the source of success gained by Guangbo people. Guangbo’s  development process and the spirit of daring to change and innovate have played a guiding role in other enterprises, which is worth further reference, exploration and study of other enterprises. Meanwhile, he also encouraged Guangbo to "go out", and strive to promote its own influence to the world.

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