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"Guangbo star" selection results announced in the third quarter of 2017
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On the afternoon of October 25, Guangbo Group held 2017 the third quarter star employees and star team leaders commendation meeting. The factory managers attended the meeting and presented prizes to the winners.

At the meeting, the factory managers awarded honorary certificates and cash rewards to 21 employees. They are: Wang Li, Wang Meinv, Chen Yonghong, Wang Jianhua, Ouyang Zhiping, Gu Junhui, Wang Yunping, Shichuan, Jean Cai Angyong, Ruan Keke, Yu Tongzhi, Shi Mudan, He Daliang, Zhang Dongmei, Zhang Shicheng, Zhou Chengliang, Shen Xianying, Yang Cheng, Zhou Youling, Zhao Kedi, Wang Xia.

It is understood that the election of the 6 star team leader and 15 star employees, was democratically elected through voting. They all play extraordinary energy in their ordinary posts. Not only work hard, but bring the biggest help to the colleagues around after work. Therefore, they not only can be recognized by leaders at all levels, but also can be supported by their colleagues around. Thus they are elected as "Guangbo star".

Many award-winning employees said, honor certificates and cash are positive for their work, which also inspire and encourage them. In the next work, they will continue to guard against arrogance and rashness, strive to create more value for the company.  

Encouraging employee progress and helping employees grow has always been Guangbo Group’s intrinsic motive force of development, and the enterprise culture that adhere to. Quarterly "Guangbo Star" star team leader, star employees voting activity reflects Guangbo’s people-oriented corporate culture characteristics. According to the company regulations, three consecutive elected team leader and staff, will have opportunities for travel, physical examination, learning and other benefits. This will undoubtedly greatly improve the work enthusiasm of employees.

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