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Guangbo held 2017 fire training drill
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In order to deal with the fire emergency, reduce the fire danger, ensure the safety of employees and property, on the afternoon of November 9, Guangbo Group security committee held annual fire training drill together with Shiqi Street Safety Supervision.  

In the company’s lecture hall, fire fighters from Ningbo fire detachment Gulin squadron, explained the escape methods like blanket self rescue, creeping forward, towel covering the nose, sheets twist and upwind evacuation to branch staff representatives and Shiqi street village community security officers. And teach everyone how to prevent the spread of fire, how to use all kinds of fire extinguishing tools and other professional fire knowledge. The employees listened carefully and recorded the important content from time to time.

In the subsequent simulated escape exercise session, employee representatives covered their nose and mouth with towels. Lowered the body according to the guidance of fire fighters, evacuated from the “fire scene” orderly and safely along the designated corridor in the "rolling smoke".

After the drill, Shiqi street village community firefighters conducted a friendly fire fighting game. Among the eighteen teams, Guangbo Group team won the third.

This fire drill activity further popularized the fire safety knowledge for the staff, improved fire safety awareness, enhanced the ability of self-help, self defense and emergency response, laid a solid foundation for building fire safety "firewall".

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