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Decisive battle double eleven, Guangbo electricity supplier in action
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In the call of "buy, buy, buy", the annual "double eleven" came as scheduled. Guangbo electricity supplier department has also made great efforts during the "double eleven" period. On the evening of November 10, electricity supplier department was already brightly lit. The banners were extraordinarily brisk, with slogans like “A year as one day, and climb the peak”, “Not earth shaking but do with all your strength”, “Prepare for six months, only for double eleven”. Workers of electricity supplier department were staying up and fighting for "double eleven".

In the joint efforts of everyone, Guangbo electricity supplier department soon came up with good news. Before 1 a.m., Guangbo Tmall's flagship store broke through 1 million yuan. At 9 o’clock, sales are far beyond last year's "double eleven", which fired the first gun for the successful completion of this year's "double eleven" target. And the fashion stationery brand kinbor has become the main force of sales, which accounted for more than 60%. In terms of Jingdong, the results of Guangbo electricity supplier department was also very gratifying. By 9 a.m. on November 11th, overall sales have exceeded 10 million yuan. It is estimated that the total sales volume of the "double eleven" this year will be three times higher than that of last year.

Chance favors only the prepared mind. In fact, as early as this year's "6. 18", Guangbo electricity supplier department has already started the preparation of "double eleven". Not only through activity planning, achieved the interaction and drainage of office stationery, student stationery and fashion stationery these three stores in Tmall, increased mutual flow and sales volume. Meanwhile, for hand accounts, suits and other hot products, made adequate stock work ahead of schedule, to ensure the supply stability during "double eleven". Electricity supplier warehouse even increased nearly twice the shipment group on the basis of the original, to ensure the timeliness of delivery.

In view of possible surging flow during "double eleven", electricity supplier department carried out intensive training in advance to more than 50 customer service personnel, newly added automatic reply and robot recovery function, which greatly improved the communication efficiency between customer service and customers.

Despite Guangbo access to the field of electronic commerce is not long, with precise positioning, high quality products and attentive service, it has gradually established a good reputation, and has been recognized and loved by the market and consumers. Meanwhile, through big data analysis and market research, Guangbo further refined the product branch and target population. Through personalized products, it has achieved precise product marketing and targeted service. Especially with the fashion life stationery brand "kinbor" and fashion office stationery brand "fizz" suddenly emerged, Guangbo has firmly established the main direction of fashion segmentation market, and attracted a large number of hardcore fans. In recent years, Guangbo sales have increased rapidly.

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