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District “red flag bearer training camp” walk into Guangbo
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On the afternoon of November 23, Haishu district “red flag bearer training camp” members about ten people walked into Guangbo Group to visit, and gave a vivid party lesson to the party representatives. Group party committee deputy secretary Shu Yueping attended the activity.

 Training camp members visited Guangbo comprehensive history area, stationery products exhibition area and e-commerce exhibition area. They had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s development and changes and business development in the past over 20 years. Many members have shown a strong interest in Guangbo’s current fashion stationery products, and had a detailed inquiries about production and sales. After understanding Guangbo’s attempts and explorations in the new field in recent years, the members expressed their sincere admiration. Many people show, Guangbo people’s spirit of innovation and the courage to explore is worth learning.

Later, teacher of training camp gave a vivid lectures to Guangbo Group’s party members and representatives. In class, the teacher explained how to determine the theme of Party members' activities, how to close the grass-roots masses and how to strengthen the construction of the style of cadres in detail with vivid language and vivid examples. Meanwhile, he also analyzed several hot issues of the 19th CPC national congress in detail. After carefully listening, members of the training camp and Guangbo party member representatives had an in-depth exchanges and discussions on current hot topics such as building moderately prosperous society, adhering to strict administration of the party, adhering to the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature.

It is understood that Haishu district “red flag bearer training camp” is sponsored by the Haishu district committee organization department, with “celebrating the 19th CPC national congress,following the party forever "as the theme. The first members are composed of party secretaries from parts of enterprises and business circles in the district.

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