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Delegation of Ningbo branch of China educational equipment industry association visit Guangbo
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On March 22, delegation of Ningbo branch of China educational equipment industry association came to visit Guangbo. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of Guangbo Group party committee and CEO accompanied the visit.

The leaders visited the exhibition hall on the first floor and the tenth floor. They had a detailed understanding of the history of development and changes and business development of Guangbo over the past 20 years. For Guangbo’s creative stationery products, they are all impressed. Some delegations also asked for details about the design process, market reaction and other details.

At the following symposium, Shu Yueping introduced to the delegation about Guangbo’s diversified development strategy and the overall industrial layout. He showed, in recent years, in the complex internal and external environment, Guangbo has always adhered to the high-quality development line and actively explored new path of transformation and upgrading. At present, it has made remarkable achievements in new materials, fashion stationery, e-commerce and other fields. Next step, we will continue to intensify our exploration and strive to achieve high-quality and sophisticated development of the industry as a whole. Meanwhile, Guangbo will stick to the manufacturing position as always, and establish the long-term development goal of high quality.

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