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“Enterprise noon consulting room” into Guangbo
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On-site consultation, on-site treatment and on-site education…on the afternoon of March 30, Haishu district no.2 hospital "three service" medical detachment came to Guangbo. The "noon consulting room" was opened in the multi-function hall. It provides acupuncture, massage and other medical services to the vast number of workers. This activity has attracted more than 100 workers.

It is reported that the doctor who came here are experts from the department of acupuncture, rehabilitation, sports medicine and ultrasound in the no.2 hospital of Haishu district, as well as experts from Ningbo no.1 hospital.

This activity has received enthusiastic attention from Guangbo staff. The activity has not started yet, and the scene is already full of people. For employees often sedentary, long standing, neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain disease frequently, three doctors were specially arranged for 3 special lectures on “shoulder pain is not necessarily scapulohumeral periarthritis”, “prevention and health care of cervical spondylosis” and “ultrasonography and application of musculoskeletal bone”. Popularize prevention, health care, diagnosis and treatment knowledge to employees.

For staff’s health problems, the doctors at present patiently answered them one by one and carried out diagnosis on the filed. Then, assisted by ultrasound diagnostics and shock wave therapies, doctors used acupuncture, massage, shock wave and other methods to treat employees. “With this treatment, I feel much more comfortable.” Employee Mr. Zhou said, on weekdays I’m so busy, so some illness and pain have been endured. Now the doctors of the no.2 hospital of Haishu enter the enterprise, bringing him a lot of convenience.

Employee Ms. Fan has joint effusion and has been conducting rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment. Because she’s too busy, it has been broken once. Taking the opportunity of “noon consulting room”, she also experienced a field rehabilitation program.

In just over two hours, more than 100 employees listened to the lecture. More than 30 employees accepted on-site diagnosis and treatment. “The company can often arrange such an activity for us, and I am grateful from my heart,” many workers say so. 

All along, Guangbo has paid much attention and concern to employees. Not only invite doctors from all levels and types of hospitals, but provide free medical examination and other services, to ensure maximum physical and mental health of employees. In the future, Guangbo will strengthen the concept of "people-oriented" corporate culture, bringing more intimate and warmer services to the staff and workers.

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