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Investigation mission of Nanjing Zhejiang chamber of commerce visit Guangbo
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On the morning of April 28, a delegation of more than 20 people from Nanjing Zhejiang chamber of commerce came to Guangbo to visit and study.

Delegation visited history exhibition hall on the ground floor and comprehensive exhibition hall on the tenth floor. They had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s more than 20 years of development history and the business situation. For Guangbo’s diversification development strategy and the overall industry layout, they had a deep impression. Some members said that in recent years, in the complex environment of internal and external environment, Guangbo’s achievements worth affirmation. Guangbo can actively transform and upgrade, adhere to the development strategy of high-quality development route.

Next, the delegation's pedestrians got to know more about Guangbo’s creative industries. We are impressed by Guangbo’s various creative and creative products. Some members of the delegation also inquired about the design process of the product and market reaction in detail. Other members said that the creative industry is the embodiment of the innovation ability of enterprises and the embodiment of high-end manufacturing industry. Guangbo’s creative products has won the market and lead the future, which is worth reference and learning.

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