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The new season of "Guangbo Star" election has begun
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Recently, the new season of “Guangbo Star” selection activity officially opened. This selection activity aimed to further play the role of advanced model, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, so as to promote the better development of the company's various undertakings.

Like in the past, this activity still adopts the basic principle of "full participation and democratic election". Star team leaders and referees of star employees in each workshop will be elected through on-site voting and counting of votes, and then reviewed by the evaluation committee.

"Guangbo Star" selection activity has carried out since 2017. It was given a warm welcome and everyone's consistent high praise. Quarterly selection, let a lot of ordinary people in the ordinary position of silent dedication have the opportunity to show themselves, provide room for further development and promotion and also enable everyone to better understand the role models around them. This time, employees who have won the title of "Guangbo Star" will have the opportunity to receive cash rewards, medical benefits, travel, training and other rich opportunities.

For a long time, Guangbo always remember the employee-centered development idea, care about the growth of employees, help employees progress, and as a core part of the corporate culture. In order to ensure that every employee can have a better development platform and personal growth space, Guangbo has always been providing all kinds of training skills and business training for employees to help them make continuous progress and improvement.

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