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Guangbo appears at the Canton fair
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Recently, the third phase of the 125th Canton fair was officially opened at Guangzhou Pashou convention and exhibition center. As a leading enterprise in the stationery industry, Guangbo was invited to attend the exhibition and presented with its fashion and lifestyle stationery brand kinbor and fashion office stationery brand fizz.

During the exhibition, Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, also attended the exhibition and cheered for everyone. He pointed out that today’s Guangbo is inseparable from the joint efforts of all Guangbo people. It is under the joint efforts of everyone that Guangbo has realized the great transformation from small to big and from big to strong. He stressed that in the face of the increasingly complex international trade environment, we should carry forward the spirit of daring to be the first to face difficulties and strive to do own work well. Finally, he encouraged everyone to refrain from arrogance and rashness, follow the trend of the times and development, give full play to the cohesion and creativity of the team, and strive to blossom in this session of the Canton fair, open up more business, and then innovate magnificently.

According to field staff, during the Canton fair, Guangbo has provided a variety and complete range of products for the vast number of businessmen: both the traditional folder, album, coil book and other office stationery. There are hot hand accounts and adhesive tapes with a blend of fashion elements, as well as handbags and other life products. The diversified style, concise design, novel style and fashionable elements not only attract the eyeballs of the public, but also attract a large number of domestic and foreign merchants to stop and visit. During the five-day period, the daily visitor volume of the exhibition area exceeded 200. And for Guangbo’s various products, they are very interested in. Many merchants inquiries carefully about the production process of individual products, audience groups and market response and other aspects of the details, expressing the intention of cooperation.

Among them, there are customers from the United States, Germany, Japan and other markets who have had many years of cooperation experience with Guangbo. And also businessmen who identify with Guangbo’s ideas of "simple fashion", "lightly luxury life" and " appearance level office” and express their cooperation intention. They are from Chile, Angola, Sweden, New Zealand these emerging markets.

In recent years, Guangbo has broken the traditional stationery framework and organically combined the concepts of fashion, simplicity, light luxury and other products, making stationery products have personalized labels and trend trends, and making consumers feel relaxed and happy while using Guangbo stationery products. At the same time, by virtue of the opportunity of cooperation with IP, it has appeared in films, animation and literature works such as "know whether you know whether you should be green, fat, red and thin", "All is well", "the tomb raiding notes", and explored a new development route, which makes Guangbo become the synonym of "trend stationery".

In the next step, Guangbo will continue to increase cooperation with more well-known IP, and take this opportunity to develop more creative and innovative stationery products, bringing stationery products with strong sense of design and innovative elements to consumers.

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