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Guangbo held a performance meeting in April
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In order to firmly implement the established work objectives set by the company at the beginning of the year, unify the thoughts and actions of all staff, and effectively promote the orderly development of all work, Guangbo held April performance report conference on May 7th. More than 200 representatives from production, sales, finance, logistics and other systems came to the site. General manager of the group company Wang Junping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

At the meeting, the person in charge of each department and branch successively took the stage to report the work situation and performance data of April, and explained the key work and target of the next stage. Through April, the business of Guangbo stock company is relatively stable. New breakthroughs have been made in customer development and maintenance. Product design and development has the new highlights. New achievements have been made in production management and refinement. Market development and exploration has new discoveries. Some sales figures have been upgraded to a certain extent. Generally speaking, the performance of Guangbo Stock Company in April is not easy in the current downturn of the overall economic environment.

Later, Dai Guoping has made a summary of the conference. First of all, he thanked the employees who had worked hard in various positions in the past month. Then he expressed the hope that we continue to work hard, unity together, make efforts to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the year, consolidate and serve old customers, develop new customers, continued to expand the sales network, marketing channels, customer level, realize the coordinated development of brand benefit and brand image.

As an important part of the meeting, Wang Junping made an important speech at the end of the meeting. He said, in the face of the current complex environment, the whole people should unite as one and respond positively, get ready to attach the tough and climb the high. All departments should be results-oriented, realize the maximization of brand value by promoting the integration of traditional and innovative resources, accelerate the improvement of product innovation research and development system, accelerate the promotion of lean management, accelerate the implementation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and continue to strengthen the company's development momentum by deepening the market development in various business areas.

Wang Junping stressed that all departments should seize the opportunities and challenges in the business environment, summarize and eliminate the problems and deficiencies in the previous work, based on the new goals and requirements of pioneering and innovation, grasp the favorable factors in the development, overcome difficulties and carry out the solid implementation of various work, and work together to lead the company to set out to climb new heights. To comply with the market trend, build innovative differentiation ability of the company, to provide service, expand the market, strong development, make efforts to achieve the company's annual goals.

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