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Ningbo brand top 100 list came out, Guangbo is on the list
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Recently, Guangbo ranked 33rd in the list of 2019 "top 100 Ningbo brands".

It is reported that "Ningbo top 100 brands" by municipal business development research institute, the Chinese academy of social sciences brand strategy research group, China market association, China brand research center and other institutions jointly produced. Since 2012, "top 100 Ningbo brands" is committed to building "Oscar" of Ningbo brand value, inspiring more Ningbo enterprises to embark on the road of brand with the power of the benchmark.

Next, Guangbo will continue to explore the depth of the brand, exploit brand potential , strengthen brand foundation, unite to achieve Guangbo Group and its various brands of high-end, fashionable, international strategic target, implementing brand promotion to promote enterprise development, promoting industrial upgrading by enterprise development, upgrading industry to achieve the ultimate strategy of brand promotion.

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