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From "know whether" to "All is well", Guangbo deeply plough and create industry
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Since the TV series "All is well" was broadcast, the topic degree has been high, the name of the film has been on micro blog hot search and public account headlines for many times. Editor’s companions even said that every day when open the phone, even if you do not watch the play can get the plot. Yao Chen relies on an elite "master offensive" model, becoming the city business spokesman. 

"As soon as it started, the crew came to us, hoping to launch a co-branded commercial stationery." Lin Xiaofan, Guangbo group marketing vice president said, pointing to a set of stationery set, this is the gift jointly launched by Guangbo's fashionable stationery brand fizz and "All is well”. With big hostess set, in the main concise and agile fashion business style, suit contains a notepad, neutral pen, and adhesive tape, as well as a commemorative badge of a stage photo.

As the only officially authorized co-branded stationery produced by midday sun, which is produced by the crew of "All is well". The products have been launched simultaneously on Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms, and received warm response.

However, compared with the previous record, this is only Guangbo’s small test of bull knife. Some time ago, in the hit TV series "do you know whether you should be green, fat, red and thin" (hereinafter referred to as "do you know"), Guangbo’s cultural and creative potential is fully displayed with the help of Youku video, T-mall platform and derivatives authorizer ali fish, which has been fully demonstrated.

The antique silk used by Zhu Yilong in the play, don’t you want a silk embroidery hand account? It's not hard. You can also "watch and buy" by clicking on the link to the play screen or going directly to T-mall. The covers of several co-branded notebooks, produced by kinbor, a fashion and lifestyle stationery brand, feature traditional Chinese silk and satin embroidery with hidden card and pen inserts, as well as a vintage bookmark aimed at fans. “Within a minute of the launch, 600 copies were sold at T-mall! Within one hour, all 5000 copies were pre-ordered. We also urgently informed the factory to order an additional 20,000 copies." This "grab goods" speed, even "scare" the designer himself. The calendar also has a list that will appeal to those who prefer ancient Chinese styles. 

Kinbor brand, founded in 2009, focuses on the design and development of fashion and lifestyle stationery. It has become the first brand of domestic notebook. Last September, Kinbor was the only comprehensive stationery store invited to participate in the Taobao creation festival held by Jack Ma. Finally, Kinbor's "He Zhi tape" was selected as one of the "top 10 sacred objects of the annual festival of creation" in the voting for "god of creation". At that time, Jack Ma took a photo with the designer.

It is precisely these sources that make ali department see Guangbo’s cultural and creative strength. Therefore, when relevant plays are launched, ali fish, as the derivatives authorizer of ali pictures, plays a key role in connecting Guangbo with these big IPs.

"As a matter of fact, as early as 2017, we consciously cooperated with big IP to make a joint payment, but we were all‘Buddha' before." Lin Xiaofan admitted that "know whether" derivatives’ success in the consumer end, let enterprises face the huge market of IP authorization and brand cash for the first time.

Last year, sales of Guangbo's stationery sector increased by 50% year-on-year. So far, march has not ended, but the data show growth of more than 50% in the first quarter of this year.

Now, Guangbo is not satisfied with film and television IP circle. It begins to cross the boundary to the secondary circle and join hands with the game circle. It is reported that Guangbo group has signed a contract with Netease's mobile game "Onmyoji", preparing to launch a joint creative product.

In addition to film and television IP, game IP, Guangbo also aimed at the museum in recent years. Combined with the popular elements of national treasures, cultural relics and art collections, it is presented with modern carriers, giving the traditional stationery a brand new vitality.

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