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Faculty and students of China Academy of Art visited Guangbo
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Meet the trends and percept creativity. On the morning of July 2nd,  faculty and students of China Academy of Art about seven people visited Guangbo.

The group visited the historical exhibition hall on the first floor and the comprehensive exhibition hall on the tenth floor. They had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s history of development, current layout and future planning. People are impressed by Guangbo’s concept of creative culture. After seeing Guangbo’s creative products, people have praised them one after another. Some people also asked in detail about the source of inspiration, the creative process and the audience, and so on. For Guangbo’s diversified concept of literary creation, everyone has given a high degree of recognition.

In recent years, Guangbo has set product R&D in the direction of fashion and youth. Mainly focus on fashion life and the concept of light luxury trend. On the basis of overseas design centers such as the United States and Japan, we can recruit excellent design talents all over the world, and incorporate more international elements into products. Besides, by means of the opportunity to establish cooperative relations with famous schools such as the Chinese Academy of Art, Guangbo has set an employment practice base for college student. While further strengthening the team of design talents, it also attracts more excellent design talents to join us and upgrades the reserve of innovative talent. 

Next step, Guangbo will make every effort to build creative platform and consolidate talent base, deeply dig out the added value and cultural connotation of stationery products, integrate more trend elements, and continue to plough deeply and open up the fashionable stationery market, to realize product diversification and maximize brand value.

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