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Zheng Mengying, governor of Zhenfeng county, visited Guangbo
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On the morning of July 19, Zheng Mengying, county governor of Zhenfeng county, led the Party and government delegation of Zhenfeng county, accompanied by Mao Mengjun, vice governor of Haishu district, visited Guangbo Group. They had a talk with Zhenfeng employees, encourage them to contribute to the collaboration between Guangbo and the two places. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary and chief executive of the Party committee of the Group, accompanied the inspection and exchange.

Zheng Mengying and her delegation visited and consoled Zhenfeng employees working in Guangbo, and had a detailed understanding of their life and work in Guangbo. Zheng Mengying expressed her satisfaction after learning that everyone was well. Then a group of people visited the comprehensive exhibition area on the first floor. Zheng Mengying was deeply impressed by Guangbo’s diversified industries. She also said that under the new economic situation, Guangbo’s development ideas conform to the times and trend, which is worth learning and thinking. She also pointed out that Guangbo’s industrial chain is complete and rich. Guangbo’s corporate culture is people-oriented. She believed that Zhenfeng employees can get better growth here. Later, she also expressed her willingness to continue to strengthen collaboration with Guangbo.

Shu Yueping introduced to Zheng Mengying's group about Guangbo’s history of development. He said that in recent years, Guangbo has actively explored the path of transformation and upgrading. On the basis of consolidating manufacturing industry, it has made new explorations and attempts in the fields of new materials, electronics, fashion stationery and cross-border e-commerce. He said that next step, Guangbo will mainly upgrade manufacturing level and quality, taking high-quality and high-end manufacturing as the main direction. On this basis, strengthen the introduction and training of Zhenfeng employees, contribute to regional coordinated development while achieving enterprise progress.

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