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Fu Yong, president of Haishu district court, visited Guangbo
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On the morning of July 25, Fu Yong, president of Haishu district court,  and his group visited Guangbo, accompanied by Wang Liping, secretary and chairman of the Party committee of the Group company,  Shu Yueping, deputy secretary and chief executive of the Party committee. 

Fu Yong and his group visited Guangbo’s comprehensive exhibition hall. They had a detailed understanding of Guangbo’s history of development, current layout and future planning. Fu Yong was deeply impressed by Guangbo’s innovative ability, and said that innovative ability is the soul of a country and a nation's continuous progress, and is also the core of an enterprise that keeps climbing to the top ranks. Fu Yong likewise appreciated Guangbo’s innovative ability in the traditional stationery industry. He said that Guangbo’s innovative creative products have opened up new markets and give the stationery a new life.

At the ensuing symposium, Wang Liping introduced Guangbo’s overview to Fu Yong and his colleagues. He pointed out that in the current changing situation at home and abroad, on the one hand, Guangbo actively introduces innovative talents and technologies. On the one hand, it responds positively to the call of transformation and upgrading of the country. At present, some achievements have been made in new materials, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, tamping the foundation of diversified development. At the same time, Guangbo is actively implementing the strategy of "going out". Faced with uncertainties in the Sino-US trade war, Guangbo has opened an overseas base in Vietnam. In the future, Guangbo will take this as the center, radiate the markets of surrounding countries and expand international influence.

After listening to Wang Liping's introduction, Fu Yong said, Guangbo today’s achievements can not be separated from the spirit of daring to strive and fearing hardships of Guangbo people, which is worth learning for other enterprises. He hoped that Guangbo will stick to its original intention in the future. Guard against arrogance and rashness, be down-to-earth and base on development, making more contributions to regional progress and social development.

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